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Langford Vet Practice Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are very popular as pets with both children and adults. They are highly interactive, vocal and love physical contact once they have been handled regularly. Guinea pigs are very active and inquisitive and like to keep themselves busy, spending most of the time running around, foraging and investigating their surroundings. For this reason they should be provided with large hutches to rest and sleep in, and a large, secure open run placed on grass for exercise and play. 

Try to create an interesting environment for your pet to limit their boredom. You can help do this by changing its routine on a regular basis, as it will provide your pet with additional stimulation. This can be done by scattering and hiding food, allowing regular exercise time, providing things for them to hide in (such as tunnels and boxes) and giving them things to gnaw and chew on.  

Socialise with your pet everyday as they will enjoy the contact and allows you to check them over for injury or illness at the same time. 

Ensure you take your guinea pig to a vet to have their sex/gender identified, as can sometimes be very difficult especially when they are not yet fully developed. This will help avoid any unwanted litters, they can start breed at an early age! 

Langford vets will be happy to check this for you, and we can check their overall health for you at the same time. Just give us a call to make an appointment.

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