Diagnostic Labs

Diagnostic Labs

Welcome to the Diagnostic Laboratories

The Diagnostic Laboratories remain open during the Covid-19 pandemic, including national lockdowns. The Clostridium Estertheticum Testing Service also remains open. Due to reduced staffing, please avoid calling unless your request is urgent. Emails are monitored each working day and answered as soon as possible. The general email address is labs@langfordvets.co.uk and the email address for cat genetics is catgenetics@langfordvets.co.uk. As with previous lockdowns we anticipate postal delays may affect our services and we thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

We are a dynamic, customer focused business providing an extensive, high-quality range of laboratory tests across many species. We were the first lab in the UK to offer state-of-the-art quantitative real-time PCR assays to detect various infectious diseases. We also offer an internationally recognised cat genetic testing service to owners and breeders. We are an ECVCP approved training laboratory, and our qualified clinical pathologists work with specialists at our Small Animal Referral Hospital and Large Animal Practice providing practical, up to date advice to veterinary surgeons.

Opening Hours

Mon- Fri: 9am - 5pm

Tel: 0117 3940510

Email: labs@langfordvets.co.uk

Email: catgenetics@langfordvets.co.uk


Should you require the University of Bristol Post Mortem Services please telephone them on 0117 428 4767, email pmservices@bristol.ac.uk, or visit bristol.ac.uk/vet-school/services/pathology/postmortem/.


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