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15 May 2024
Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pig Companionship

Guinea Pig Companionship 

Guinea pigs are naturally sociable and live in groups in the wild and as such should not be kept on their own, they are happier kept in pairs or small groups, so this should be considered when purchasing them as a pet. 

Keeping Guinea pigs with rabbits is not suitable for a couple of reasons. Keeping rabbits and guinea pigs in one hutch can pose problems as they have slightly different dietary requirements and guinea pigs may become deficient if not provided with the correct levels within their diet, e.g. vitamin C. Rabbits can also be quite dominant over the guinea pigs and may result in fearful, withdrawn pets or harm from aggression. If you do currently have them together always provide an area the guinea pig can retreat to for privacy that the rabbits can’t access. 

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