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15 May 2024
Guinea Pigs
Housing and Enrichment

Guinea Pig Housing and Enrichment

Guinea Pig Housing and Enrichment 

Guinea pigs are very active and inquisitive animals and have a relatively low boredom threshold and as such benefit from stimulation and enrichment in their habit or enclosure. They need access to stimulation in their housing with areas of space to play and investigate. Hiding food around the cage and hanging them around the enclosure can increase activity and enhance mental stimulation for them. Working for their food also encourages natural foraging behaviour, increasing activity, reducing boredom and preventing obesity and related health issues. 

Providing your guinea pig with less energy dense food, such as access to grass, during the day can increase the feeding time and activity period. However, Guinea pigs are very sensitive to their surroundings so always introduces any change this gradually. Also, when outside, as prey animals’ large open spaces make them vulnerable and will have natural fear of predators around or even above the enclosure. and as such may not use them. Place various tunnels and boxes to hide in around the run to break up the open space and encourage activity over the whole area. 

Socialise with your Guinea pig every day, as handling and grooming is a pleasurable experience for both you and your pet. It is also the ideal opportunity to check the health of them and something for the Guinea pig to look forward to every day. Check for lumps, bumps, cuts, hair loss, a dirty bottom or overgrown teeth. The earlier you spot the problem the easier it is for us to treat them for you. 

If you would like advice about suitable housing and how to enrich your pets environment or activity please call Langford Vets for advice and visit the shop for suitable toys/accessories for your guinea pig. 

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