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Where is Langford Vet Practice located?
What do I do if you are closed in an emergency?
I'm a vet how do I refer a case to the Small Animal Referral Hospital?
What are your standard reception opening hours?
I don't have transport - can you visit my horse?
Do you do zone days?
What area do you cover?
Do I need to vaccinate my horse?
Do your vets rasp teeth?
Do you offer a worming package?
I'm buying a new horse, what pre-purchase examination do I need?
How do I start an insurance claim?
What do I do if my horse needs to be put to sleep?
My dog has a heart murmur. Is it dangerous to give them an anaesthetic?
My breeder has told me what drugs my dog should have in his anaesthetic, will you take account of this?
My dog is 15yrs old. Is it safe to anaesthetise elderly animals?
Why does my pet need to be fasted?
Why does my pet need an anaesthetic to have an MRI scan?
Why do you need to clip hair?
Can I feed my cat/dog as soon as I get home?
Will my cat be in pain after surgery?
What behavioural changes occur when cats are in pain?
Will my dog be in pain after surgery?
What can I do if I think my dog is in pain after surgery?
What new genetic tests can you run?
I am a vet, why does one of my clients need me to send in their cat's sample for genetic testing?
Can you test for a cat’s parentage?
What tests do you offer and how long do they take?
How will I get my results?
I am a vet and I've received my results and I'm not sure what they mean - how do I get advice?
Do you close for long periods over Christmas?
What does C.estertheticum do?
How do we manage Quality Control?
What do my results mean?
Will I pay more, because I am having a telemedicine consultation, ahead of my pet’s hospital appointment? 
All of my pet’s clinical history is on my vet’s records – do I still need a referral consultation, before investigations?
How do I arrange a telemedicine consultation for my pet?
What should I expect, after my vet has referred my pet for a telemedicine consultation?
Who is in the zoom call?
Does my pet need to be present for the zoom call?
I don’t want a zoom call, can I have a phone call instead?
My pet has seen you before, can I have another teleconsult? 
What happens if I choose not to follow through with an in-person appointment? 
What is the process for referral? 
What is a Veterinary Behaviourist? 
Is Dr Sagi Denenberg registered with the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors?  
What services do you offer and how long is the consultation? 
What is a behaviour consultation and how might it help my pet's problem? 
My pet has been referred for an intradermal test, what does this involve? 
How much do you charge for your tests?
How long will my results take?
How will I receive my results?
Can I get any advice on my results?
Does Langford Vets offer a post mortem service?
Can my pet be referred for imaging alone, without seeing one of the other hospital services? 
Can I have copies of my pets’ images? 
When should I vaccinate my kitten? 
When should I neuter my kitten? 
When should I have my kitten ID chipped?
I’m concerned about my cat going outside (risk of injury, loss and/or impact on local wildlife), do they have to go outside? 
What is the best cat food? 
Does my dog need vaccine boosters for the rest of their life? 
When should my puppy be vaccinated? 
My puppy is already older that 12 weeks, can they still be vaccinated? 
When should I neuter my dog/bitch? 
Do I have to neuter my dog/bitch? 
Are vaccines safe? 
What is an exotic pet? 
What facilities do you have? 
What animals do you see? 
How should I transport my pet? 
What should I bring with me to the appointment? 
I’m thinking of getting a rabbit… What do I need to know?
Can I visit my pet?
What will I need to bring?
How long will my pet stay in ICU?
What documents and preparations are required to travel abroad with my pet? 
How can I keep my pet safe and comfortable while travelling? 
What should I do to prepare my pet for international travel? 
How do I order medication?
Can I pick up medication out of hours?
How do I register as a new client?
How do I make an appointment?
How do I book a TB test?
How do I plan parasite control in my animals?
How do I organise a herd health plan for my alpacas?
How long does it take to get results?
How fresh does the sample need to be?
How much sample do I need?
Do I refrigerate the sample?
What breeds can attend?
How many puppies will be in the class? 
What happens if there are only 2 puppies singed up on the course? 
What does it cost? 
How do I pay for classes? 
My puppy is nervous or excitable in new situations, should I bring them? 
How will I remember everything taught in the classes? 
My puppy has not been well, can I still attend classes? 
Langford Small Animal Practice is a teaching Practice, will there be students in the classes? 
How long is the life skills course? 
What happens during the 7 weeks? 
What happens if I miss a class? 
Who can attend the classes? 
Who runs the classes? 
What methods do you use? 
What are positive training methods and why should I use them? 
Will all training be food motivated? 
Will I always have to carry food with me? 
My pet’s teeth are brown and their breath smells, is it really a problem? 
Can I use human toothpaste or mouthwash for my pet? 
Do i have to brush my pet’s teeth EVERY DAY?? 
I can’t brush my pet’s teeth, is there anything else I can use? 
What can veterinary nurses do? 
What can’t veterinary nurses do? 
How do I join a Zoom meeting?
What should I bring to a physiotherapy session?
Should I give my pet its pain medication?
Should I feed my pet before their appointment?
How long will the session last?
What should I bring to a hydrotherapy appointment?
What should I do before a hydrotherapy appointment?
What does my dog need after a hydrotherapy appointment?
What should I expect at my first appointment?
Is hydrotherapy covered under my insurance?
Should I give my pet its pain medication?
Should I feed my pet before the appointment?
How long will the session last?
What should I bring to a pain clinic appointment?
Should I give my pet its pain medication?
Should I feed my pet before a pain clinic appointment?
My pet finds visiting the veterinary practice stressful and doesn’t like being examined, can they still be referred?
What services do you provide?
Can I pay my bill online?
My pet needs to be hospitalised, where will they stay?
What is your Brucella canis policy?
What is behavioural therapy?
What kind of behavioural problems can you help with?
What happens at the appointment?
What happens if I need more help or a referral?
What surgery can you offer?
What diagnostic imaging can you offer?

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