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15 May 2024
Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pig Pregnancy

Guinea Pig Pregnancy 

Guinea pigs are unusual for small rodents when it comes to breeding. The gestation period is quire long from 60-72 days and the young (piglets) are born fully formed and independent – this is called precocial. Most small animal give birth to underdeveloped litters that are fully dependent on the parent for nutrition, warmth, and care – this is called altricial. During pregnancy, the sow will need high levels of adequate nutrition, as producing fully formed and furred young will increase demands on her compared to an animal producing naked underdeveloped young such as rabbits, rats and mice. However, be careful to avoid obesity. The piglets can eat solid food from day one but will suckle on the adult as well. 

Pregnant sows can develop eclampsia and pregnancy toxaemia so if you notice any change in the behaviour or condition of your pet seek veterinary advice. 

If you have a pregnant sow and would like a health check during the pregnancy, please contact Langford Vets for an appointment. 

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