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Dog and Puppies

Here at Langford Vet Practice we recognise that our canine friends are an integral part of the family. That’s why we’re here to support you with general healthcare, advice when you have concerns about your dog and even 24/7 on-site emergency service should you need us. 

A healthy pet is supported by routine preventative health care. This is NOT normally included in a health insurance policy. In some cases your pet insurance policy may be invalidated if you do not provide preventative health care for your pet. 

Our Langford Club membership is a way of providing essential preventative health care at great value. 

Preventative health care includes: 

  • Vaccination 
  • Neutering 
  • Microchip 
  • Parasite control 
  • Nutrition 

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Dogs & Puppies Insights

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Supporting dog and puppy owners

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The Langford Club

Nurse Clinics

Our nurses are available Monday to Saturday for routine healthcare appointments.

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