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Farm Animal Practice Our vet team possess extensive knowledge and experience in camelid husbandry and medicine.



Our vet team possess extensive knowledge and experience in camelid husbandry and medicine. Many of our vets have a particular interest in camelids, are members of the BVCA (British veterinary camelid association) and have had further training in camelid medicine. In fact our vets have delivered camelid-specific training the BAS and to other veterinary practices!   

We offer

Tailored care

Emergency care

Our team’s camelid-interested accolades include:

  • Delivering camelid medicine training to other vet practices
  • Delivering webinars to BAS members
  • Delivering 100% of camelid lectures to UoB veterinary undergraduates
  • Being members of BVCA (British veterinary camelid association)
  • Attending various camelid specific training events and courses in the UK and the US.

Why choose us?

  • Camelid experienced vets
  • Yearly herd health planning
  • Tailored parasite control plan, including modified stools faecal egg counts targeting E. macusaniensis.
  • Vaccination plans with reminders.
  • Neonatal care, including on-site camelid IgG testing, emergency plasma collection and plasma transfusions.
  • Disease prevention and surveillance encompassing a comprehensive understanding of diseases that alpacas can carry or contract from other species, supported by meticulous testing protocols.
  • TB testing and access to TB Advisory Service (TBAS).
  • Pregnancy scanning.
  • Routine foot trimming and dental care.
  • Imaging for dental disease at Langford Vets, including radiographs and CT scans.
  • Neonatal care, including plasma transfusions when necessary.
  • On-site laboratory services for blood sample analysis.
  • Referral to Langford Vets for 24/7 care of high value animals and those that require complicated surgical procedures.

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Have questions or need assistance? Don't hesitate to reach out to our team 01934 852 650. Whether you are dealing with a health emergency or seeking long-term health planning, we are here to support you and your livestock every step of the way.

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Faecal egg counting

With our on-site labs we can provide NEXT DAY results for all types of faecal egg counts.

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