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15 May 2024
Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pig Nutrition

Guinea pigs are very popular as pets and need a species appropriate diet. 

This is also an important factor in assisting the recovery of a convalescing animals from illness or surgery. A good understanding of the nutritional requirements and the very specific requirements of vitamin C is vital for our vets treating guinea pigs. 

Common problems with guinea pigs are often down to poor nutrition. Guinea pigs require around 20% fibre content in their diets and should be provided with complete diets that include vitamin C as well. Hay is especially useful to keep up their fibre needs and ensure healthy dental wear as well. 

Guinea pigs are rodents and have open rooted, continuously growing teeth, made from cells within the pulp cavity and to maintain adequate and even wear they chew on fibre. This prevents dental overgrowth, also known as malocclusion, which may require treatment by a vet to prevent injury, discomfort and other dental issues. Guinea Pig teeth should NEVER be clipped, this can fracture the tooth causing pain and possible tooth root infections. Veterinary surgeons may sometimes need to burr the teeth to improve deformity in shape. Dental burring normally requires a general anaesthetic to allow the procedure to be done safely and effectively. 

If you would like a health check for your guinea pigs’ teeth and overall condition, or any nutritional advice or dietary review, please do not hesitate to contact Langford Vets for an appointment. Never change your pet’s diet overnight this needs to be done gradually to avoid any dietary upset, this can also be discussed in your appointment at Langford Vet Practice. 

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