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Dental Health

Due to the advances in preventative healthcare over the last 20 years, cats and dogs are living longer. The downside to this is unless you brush your pets' teeth every day like you do your own then, your pet will develop dental disease. Should your pet need dental treatment we are fully equipped to perform dental x-rays, scaling, and polishing and extraction of unhealthy teeth. 

Remember your pet will not stop eating if they have dental disease unless it is extremely advanced. 

We are often asked how a pet will manage eating if a tooth needs to be extracted. The simple answer is that they eat a lot easier without a painful mouth. 

Visit one of the nurse clinics and discuss dental disease prevention.

The Langford Club members get a 10% discount on dental procedures.

Top tips on how to prevent dental disease

  1. Brush your pets teeth every day it is best to use and pet specific enzymatic toothpaste and a finger or soft toothbrush. Book an nurse clinic if you need help.
  2. There are many pets who will not tolerate tooth brushing. The use of enzyme gels and mouth wash can control the oral bacteria which form plaque. We have a variety of these available in the practice so pop in and speak to the team. 
  3. Enzyme Chews -  chews which are impregnated with enzymes. These are designed to provide mechanical action to clean the teeth and also to deposit enzymes in the mouth to inhibit plaque forming bacteria. We have a variety of chews available in the practice so pop in and pick up a supply and speak to the team. 10% off on TLC.
  4. Prescription Diets - Diets such as Hills TD will minimise plaque accumulation on teeth due to its mechanical action. The kibble has to be penetrated before it will break. With normal biscuit diets, the kibble shatters as the tooth hits it, providing little mechanical action. 

Frequently Asked Questions

My pet’s teeth are brown and their breath smells, is it really a problem? 
Can I use human toothpaste or mouthwash for my pet? 
Do i have to brush my pet’s teeth EVERY DAY?? 
I can’t brush my pet’s teeth, is there anything else I can use? 

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