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Cat Genetics Sampling Policy

Cat Genetics Sampling Policy

To obtain a reliable result for a genetic test we require a good quality DNA sample, sometimes the DNA sample we receive is low level i.e. there were too few cheek cells on the swab, or the DNA has degraded. In this case we will carry out further testing and may request breeders/owners to send in a new swab or a blood sample. This page sets out the process we follow.

For information and a guide on sampling please see the page How to swab your cat.

We recommend that clients submitting samples from outside the UK, send two swabs with the initial submission.

Failure of first swab

If the initial swab or swabs we receive fail, the result will be reported as "New swab required" on the certificate. In this instance, please reference the first lab number and mark the submission "re-swab" when sending in the new swab(s),to ensure there is no further charge. You can if you wish, send a blood sample taken by a vet rather than a second swab, this will almost guarantee we will be able obtain a result.

For swabs with intermediate numbers of cheek cells we will repeat the genetic testing free of charge as part of our quality control and if it passes, we will report the result together with a comment on the certificate saying:

“Please note: The original sample contained low levels of cat DNA, but by repeating the test and performing extra work we are confident in the reported result(s). Please visit our website or contact us for details of how to take a good quality mouth swab. Extra tests will require another swab to be submitted”.

Failure of second swab

If subsequent swab(s) we receive also give a low level of DNA, we will request a blood sample(which would need to be taken by a vet) , this will be reported as "New sample required" on the certificate . The blood sample will be processed for the same test(s) that were initially requested free of charge. If further swabs are submitted at this point, rather than a blood sample, any tests requested will be charged at the standard rate.

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