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Submit a Cat Genetics Sample Breeder

Breeder & Owner submission of swabs for cat genetic testing

Please follow the steps below to complete your Cat Genetics sample submission

Step 1

Request swabs using our swab request form

Step 2

Receive swabs in the post

Step 3

Take mouth swabs from the cats you wish to test. If you need assistance you can watch a video for how to swab your cat.

Step 4

Complete the online submission form or download and print it, indicating the tests required.

Step 5

After you submit your online form you will be given an option to pay online, if you are unable to do this we will contact you to arrange payment once the samples arrive with us. Alternatively you can include a cheque made payable to Langford Veterinary Services Ltd with your swabs. Genetic test prices.

Step 6

Put swab(s) in an envelope with the completed submission form (or a printout of the online submission form summary).

Step 7

Post your samples to:

If you are in the U.K. you can use our freepost label.

For submissions outside of the U.K. please follow the guidance here and send to:
Cat Genetic Tests
Diagnostic Laboratories
Langford Vets
Churchill Building

Step 8

Once we receive your samples we will unpack and process them.

Step 9

The results will be emailed to you within five working days of us receiving your samples.

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