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15 May 2024
Dogs & puppies

Why is it important to vaccinate dogs and puppies?

The importance of vaccination in dogs and puppies

Vaccination works by exposing the body to a dose of the disease in question so if your pet is exposed to the disease in the future, the body recognises it and provides a protective response to the disease 

Puppies get some protection from infectious diseases, which passed on from their mother. This protection begins to wane in dogs from eight weeks of age so it is advisable to vaccinate at this point.  

Puppies will require a primary course of vaccinations, this is a course of injections given between the ages of 8-9 weeks and 12-16 weeks of age. The primary course is completed when your dog is a year old and has its first annual booster.

Booster Vaccinations

Booster vaccinations are then recommended for the rest of the dog’s life although the booster interval varies depending on the vaccine used. Typically an annual booster is advisable, but in some cases the booster interval may be longer depending on your individual pet’s needs and lifestyle. Vaccinations are a prescription medication and require aa vet to carry out a health assessment before prescribing, to ensure that the vaccine is safe and appropriate for the intended use. 

Prior to vaccination it is essential that a thorough examination is carried out by a veterinary surgeon to ensure that the dog is healthy. Annual health examinations are an extremely useful part of looking after your dog. It allows one to one contact with the veterinary team to discuss any health-related issues and facilitate early detection of diseases, we also have to opportunity to discuss parasite control so that you can use the most appropriate products for the parasites that pose a risk. 

To help spread the cost of vaccinations Langford Veterinary Practice has a monthly pay scheme called the Langford Club. One of the many benefits to the scheme includes a primary course of vaccinations, annual boosters, 10% off additional vaccinations that you may need if going to kennels or abord, as well as restarting if you lap with your annual booster. Join The Langford Club today!

The Langford Club

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