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Langford Vet Practice Puppy Training

Pawsitive Pups Training School

'Life Skills for Puppies' class - for puppies aged 8 - 16 weeks

Life Skills for Puppies is run by Behaviour Nurse Sarah Liversage, MSc Clinical Animal Behaviour, Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner, Registered Veterinary Nurse. The course was designed by Veterinary Behaviourists at the University of Lincoln.

How is Life Skill for Puppies different to other puppy classes?

Our Life Skills for Puppy classes are taught with emphasis on preventing common behaviour problems and helping your puppy to take responsibility for being well behaved. Ideally these skills are incorporated into daily life, so time spent training your puppy is reduced. Once your puppy has learnt these skills, it will become a natural way of living with your puppy. 

What life skills are taught?

What will my puppy learn?

Frequently Asked Questions - General

What breeds can attend?
How many puppies will be in the class? 
What happens if there are only 2 puppies singed up on the course? 
What does it cost? 
My puppy is nervous or excitable in new situations, should I bring them? 
How will I remember everything taught in the classes? 
My puppy has not been well, can I still attend classes? 
Langford Small Animal Practice is a teaching Practice, will there be students in the classes? 


How long is the life skills course? 
What happens during the 7 weeks? 
What happens if I miss a class? 
Who can attend the classes? 
Who runs the classes? 


What methods do you use? 
What are positive training methods and why should I use them? 
Will all training be food motivated? 
Will I always have to carry food with me? 

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