Molecular Diagnostic Unit

The Molecular Diagnostic Unit (MDU) offers veterinary surgeons state of the art PCR assays to detect a wide range of bacterial and viral pathogens in cats and dogs.

It also offers a feline genetic testing service to owners and breeders as well as a service detecting clostridium spoilage in meat. All our PCR assays are designed and validated in-house by experienced molecular biologists with input from clinicians, and all assays include internal amplification controls to ensure the highest reliability possible.

The Acarus laboratory, which specialises in detecting arthropod-borne microbial diseases in companion animals, is also part of the MDU.  Dr Chris Helps Heads the MDU and is assisted by Dr Pip Lait, whilst Prof Séverine Tasker is the academic lead for the Acarus laboratory.

Worldwide feline health improved by molecular research

Infectious Disease QPCRsAcarus PCRs

Meat SpoilageFeline Genetic Tests

Infectious Disease QPCR Tests

We run QPCR tests to detect a range of bacterial and viral pathogens of cats and dogs

Acarus PCR Tests

We run PCR and QPCR tests to detect a range of bacterial pathogens of cats and dogs that are transmitted by ticks and sand flies

Genetic Disease PCR Tests

We run PCR tests to detect most of the known inherited genetic diseases of cats, together with various traits like coat colour and length

MDU Publications

Many of the QPCR assays used by the MDU to detect bacterial and viral pathogens and genetic diseases have arisen from research projects undertaken in collaboration with the School of Veterinary Science, University of Bristol.

These assays have been extensively validated and published in peer reviewed academic journals.