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Bacteriology and Mycology

Bacteriology & Mycology

Our experienced Microbiology scientists use a variety of specialised non-specific, selective and enrichment culture medium and atmospheric temperature and conditions such as aerobic, 5% carbon dioxide, anaerobic and microaerophillic to isolate bacteria and fungi from clinical samples. Identification is carried out using a MALDI-tof. Vitek 2 technology is used to provide antimicrobial identification. We also participate in a quality assurance scheme (VETQAS) to ensure the ongoing quality of our results.


MALDI-tof ID - Please submit isolates on slopes where possible, charcoal/gel swabs can also be used. Do NOT post plates.

Please only submit Category level 2 organisms, we cannot accept suspected level 3 or 4 organisms.

Bacterial Cultures

*referral test

Bacterial Cultures

Sample Type


Turnaround Time

Aerobic & Anaerobic Culture & Sensitivity


Aerobic culture & Anaerobic culture and Antibiotic sensitivities by MIC (for significant isolate(s)).

2-5 working days

Aerobic Culture & Sensitivity


Aerobic culture & Antibiotic sensitivities by MIC (for significant isolate(s)).

2-5 working days

Blood Culture

Blood/ Joint Fluid

Extended enrichment culture for Aerobic & Anaerobic bacteria & Antibiotic sensitivities by MIC (for significant isolate(s)). Sample must be submitted in a blood culture bottle.

Up to 12 working days

Dermatophilus congolensis (Culture)


Extended culture for Dermatophilus

5 working days

Urine Culture & Sensitivity

Urine 10mL

Aerobic culture & Antibiotic sensitivities by MIC (for significant isolate(s)) Please specify capture method on submission form.

2-4 working days

Mycology Tests

Mycology Tests



Turnaround Time

Cryptococcus Antigen

200µL Serum/CSF

Qualitative lateral flow test. Positive samples can be sent to a reference lab for quantification at an additional cost.

1 working day

Fungal Culture (nondermatophytes)


Selective culture for non-dermatophytes. Full identification of isolates and sensitivity testing available at an additional cost.

5 working days

Ringworm Culture (Dermatophytes)

Hair pluck

Selective culture for Ringworm.

14 days

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