We are one of the leading orthopaedic referral services for small animals in the UK. We have an experienced team of Specialist orthopaedic surgeons who are committed to providing the best care to every patient. We are supported by a dedicated team of surgical ECVS residents, veterinary interns, RCVS registered veterinary nurses and animal care assistants.

As part of the largest specialist lead multidisciplinary referral hospital in the South West we are able to manage all orthopaedic cases to the highest standard and offer the latest evidence based treatments. All patient anaesthetics are overseen by specialist veterinary anaesthetists maximising patient safety. Complex cases, such as multiple trauma patients, requiring the input of other disciplines have the benefit of onsite specialists in soft tissue surgery, neurology, medicine, oncology, diagnostic imaging, emergency medicine and critical care. We also have onsite clinical laboratories.

Working with colleagues in physiotherapy, rehabilitation and the pain clinic ensures we can create post operative and recovery plans to encourage pets and working dogs to return to maximum function.

We are happy to see both primary and secondary orthopaedic referrals of all small animal cases including:

* Total hip replacement - for cats and dogs of all sizes. This is the only treatment that fully restores life-long mobility for degenerative and traumatic conditions of the hip.

* Musculoskeletal trauma - Working as part of a multidisciplinary hospital we are able to provide emergency supportive care following trauma. Once it is safe to proceed with surgery, we are able to offer the latest methods available for fracture stabilisation, luxations and wound management. 

* Angular limb deformity assessment and correction - As well as more traditional methods of treatment we have access to the latest 3D printing technology enabling us to customise implants for challenging cases. 

* Feline orthopaedic cases - Our dedicated feline orthopaedic clinic runs alongside our general orthopaedic service is able to investigate and treat both chronic and acute orthopaedic disease in feline patients.

* Musculoskeletal neoplasia (including osteosarcoma) - Working closely with our oncology team we are able to offer investigation and treatment, including limb sparing surgeries using the latest custom implants, with follow up chemotherapy to improve patient outcome in these challenging cases.

* Cranial cruciate ligament disease

* Patellar luxation - including traditional methods and full assessment and corrective osteotomies

* Complex forelimb and hindlimb lameness cases - (including elbow dysplasia and osteoarthritis)

Pain management - we work closely with our rehabilitation and pain clinic to provide tailored treatment plans for patients suffering from chronic pain.

We offer and discuss a range of treatment options for all cases we see, tailoring treatment to the individual. 

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