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Small Animal Referral Hospital What Should I Do Before My Consultation?


How to prepare for your appointment

No breakfast

We may need to carry out some procedures on the same day your pet arrives. For this reason, do not allow your pet to have any food from 8pm the night before, unless otherwise instructed. Water should be freely available. If you pet is diabetic please ensure our team are aware when booking your appointment and we can advise accordingly.

Diet and medication

Please bring along any medication your vet may have prescribed for your pet. We stock a wide range of specialist diets however if your pet has specific dietary requirements we are very happy for you to bring some with you. Please note we are unable to feed a raw meat diet.


If you would like us to make an insurance claim for you, we are able to offer direct and indirect claims. For more information on insurance and how we deal with both Direct and Indirect claims, read our Insurance Claims leaflet. Full details can be found in your welcome pack.

Toys and Bedding

As infection control is one of our highest priorities we cannot allow patients own bedding or toys to be left at the hospital however they will be provided with clean bedding daily and we have a large selection of dog toys available in our wards. Our experienced nurses are always on hand for attention and cuddles.

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