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Small Animal Referral Hospital Clinical Roles


Who might you meet at the Referral Hospital?

At the Small Animal Referral Hospital, we have a large team of vets. We are also a teaching hospital, teaching not only undergraduate veterinary and veterinary nursing students, but also training the specialists of the future. This has many advantages, not least of which is that unlike some services elsewhere when only one specialist works alone, there are lots of brains working together to decide on and implement the best treatment plan for your pet. 

How do I know if the vet I have been referred to is a specialist?

  • All of the RCVS Recognised Specialists are listed on the RCVS website 
  • You can look at their profile on the Langford Vets website. 

More information on Specialists can be found on the EBVS website 

We also have a number of other qualified vets working with our specialists.

Staff Clinician

Our staff clinicians are also highly skilled and very experienced, having already completed their residency training but they are still waiting to complete their final exams and therefore have not yet achieved their Diploma or Specialist status. They are nearly there! 


These are our ‘specialists in training’, similar to a senior registrar in the NHS. Our residents have already completed a few years in practice and normally a year-long internship within a referral hospital before they start. Their residency is 3-4 years long and consists of time working on the clinics as well as undertaking research projects. All residents are supervised by our specialist clinicians.

Advanced Practitioner

This is a ‘middle tier’ of qualification. Advanced practitioners have at least 5 years’ experience and have undertaken further study, often in the form of a Certificate, so have more experience in a certain area of interest. They are able to take referrals in this area but have not undertaken the same level of training as Specialists.  The role of Advanced Practitioner has been around since 2014.  

Nurses in other roles

We also have nurses working in a range of roles within Langford Vets including as managers, radiographers and within the billing team. 

Animal Care Assistants

Our nurses are supported by Animal Care Assistants (ACAs) who help with the care of our in patients. Our ACAs play an invaluable role in helping the nurses and clinicians in the care of your pet and the running of the hospital. 

Their roles encompass many areas such as assisting with physiotherapy, in-patient care, infection control, working in induction and theatres and the ICU. 

Some have taken additional Animal Care Qualifications including pet massage and Animal Nursing Assistant (ANA). 

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