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Small Animal Referral Hospital We provide a complete medicine referral service for patients with chronic, acute, and emergency medical conditions.


Internal Medicine & Emergency & Critical Care

Our blended Internal Medicine and Emergency and Critical Care service is led by a team of European, American and Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) Recognised Specialists. As well as being the largest medicine service in the South West, the individual interests and expertise of our clinicians offers an unparalleled breadth and depth of experience and knowledge. We provide a complete referral service – for patients with chronic, acute and emergency medical conditions. We are truly unique in our range of expertise – being the only centre in the South West with specialists in Internal Medicine, Feline Medicine and Emergency and Critical Care. Our dedicated Intensive Care Unit, Canine Medicine and Feline Medicine nursing and animal care teams provide the highest level of patient care at all stages of their hospitalisation. We offer a truly multi-disciplinary approach, working collaboratively with fellow specialists in , Diagnostic Imaging, Cardiology, Oncology, Neurology and to provide individualised diagnostic approaches and clinical care. We also work closely alongside our Soft Tissue Surgery service for patients requiring perioperative medical management and with our Orthopaedic service for polytrauma cases requiring fracture fixation as well as medical stabilisation.

We are fully equipped to provide comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic support, including but not limited to:

• Point-of-care out-of-hours laboratory diagnostics including blood gas analysis, haematology, viscoelastic testing, coagulation testing, blood typing, cross matching, serum biochemistry, infectious disease testing and microscopy

• Rapid turnaround for diagnostic testing through our extensive on-site external laboratory services led by Specialists in Clinical Pathology

• On-site advanced imaging techniques, including specialist ultrasonography, fluoroscopic oesophageal (swallow) and urinary (pyelogram, retrograde urethrogram) studies, CT and MRI, through our specialist led Diagnostic Imaging team

• Comprehensive endoscopy suite – for diagnostic nasopharyngoscopy, bronchoscopy, upper and lower gastro-intestinal endoscopy and urethro-cystoscopy

• Interventional endoscopy – including foreign body retrieval, stricture dilation, sinus trephination and treatment of mycotic rhinosinusitis

• Arthrocentesis

• Bone marrow aspiration and core biopsy

• Blood product transfusion for cats and dogs

• Cerebrospinal fluid collection and analysis

• Enteral and parenteral nutrition

• Multi-modal pain management through our specialist led Anaesthesia and Analgesia team

State-of-the-art Intensive Care Unit (ICU), led by Critical Care specialists, with a dedicated feline ICU area and facilities for specialist led oxygen delivery – including high-flow oxygen and full ventilatory support

Pet owners need to be referred by their primary care vet.

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