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Our state-of-the-art Small Animal Referral Hospital offers a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary dedicated feline referral service to veterinary surgeons across the UK.

The Feline Centre at Langford Vets is internationally renowned for being a Centre of excellence for cats. We aim to ensure that all cats visiting our Centre are treated in a relaxed, comfortable environment with sympathetic and gentle care. We are proud that our facilities and dedicated feline staff can help your cat’s visit to be calm and stress-free. We are a Gold Standard International Cat Care Clinic and are passionate about providing the highest level of care to cats and their owners.

All of our specialist vets work to support the Feline Centre, please see individual service pages for their biographies.

We know about cats

Our Feline Centre has the largest group of European and American Veterinary Specialists in the South West. We have specialists in feline internal medicine, soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery, anaesthesia, imaging, critical care, clinical pathology, neurologycardiologyophthalmology, oncology, dermatology as well as rehabilitation and behaviour to ensure a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach for all cats. We are proud to have three recognised RCVS Feline Medicine Specialists, the largest group in the UK. The specialists work with our dedicated team of feline specific nurses and animal care assistants to provide the highest standards of feline care.

Our staff are recognised widely for their feline expertise and commonly lecture to vets, nurses and owners about feline diseases and cat friendly veterinary care. Compassionate cat care is core to how we work, and an essential aspect of teaching undergraduate nursing and veterinary students in our feline medicine rotation.


The Centre has the following Feline Only Facilities:

  • Waiting Room
  • Consult Rooms
  • Intensive Care Pod
  • Ward
  • Procedures room
  • Long Stay Ward with cattery style pens
  • Surgical Theatres
  • Hyperthyroid treatment centre

All are fully equipped with feline-friendly and feline-specific equipment.

Our specialities include:




Renal Disease

Urinary Disease

Respiratory Disease



Haematological Disorders

Immune-mediated Disorders

Infectious Disease



Advice for travelling with a cat to the Feline Centre

What happens if my cat is hospitalised?


As feline clinicians and a centre actively involved in researching FIP we are acutely aware of the need for an effective treatment for FIP and have sadly seen many cats suffer with this fatal disease. We understand that black market forms of GS-441524 (nucleoside analog) and GC376 (protease inhibitor) have been sourced by some clients for the management of FIP in their pets, neither of these products are available commercially at this time. We cannot condone or promote the use of black market versions of either product - as these are of unknown quality, efficacy, toxicity and longevity. Discussion of dose, preparation, frequency of administration, side-effects/adverse effects, or monitoring of treatment will not be entered into with either referring vet or Feline Centre client in accordance with the RCVS code of conduct.

It is strongly recommended that where a diagnosis of FIP is suspected, confirmation of disease is sought where feasibly and ethically possible. This is to ensure that cats without FIP are treated optimally, and that those with FIP are treated appropriately and their owners managed compassionately.

Were a Feline Centre client to volunteer that they are administering these products to their cat then we would be prepared to monitor their cat's clinical parameters and to discuss palliative care when appropriate, on the strict understanding that our role is to ensure that the cat's welfare is not compromised. 

It should also be noted that it is impossible to predict adverse drug reactions between any licensed veterinary treatment alongside owner-sourced medication; therefore, ideally, these should not be administered concurrently.

More information can be found on the University of California, Davis website. This is the group that have performed the seminal work on the treatment of FIP in cats. 

University of California Davis Paper regarding black market drugs

More general FIP information can be found on the University of California, Davis website. 


Suzanne Rudd - Feline Nurse

Charlotte Roberts - Feline Medicine Nurse

Jade Sutherland - Feline Medicine Nurse

Zoë BlewsRadioiodine Nurse

Teresa Labiak - Feline Animal Care Assistant

Chelsie Bale - Feline Animal Care Assistant

Alice Sands - Oncology Animal Care Assistant

Emma Symonds - Animal Care Assistant

Clare Slattery - Animal Care Assistant


Vim Kumaratunga is a first year resident in ophthalmology and is researching surgical approaches to corneal sequestrum in cats and their effect on corneal clarity. He is recruiting feline corneal sequestrum cases to compare outcomes after differing treatments, This research is part funded by NuVision BioTherapies.

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View the Feline Update

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