Our Cardiology team is made up of three Specialists in Veterinary Cardiology, who work alongside Specialists in-training (Residents) and a clinic assistant to help pets with suspected or confirmed heart disease. Our senior Cardiologists have undergone intensive 3-year training programmes; not only in Cardiology, but also internal medicine and minimally invasive surgical procedures. This has provided them with cardiology experience that only a tiny percentage of vets have worldwide.

In our veterinary teaching hospital, pets referred to us benefit from our large number of Specialist-led teams. We are lucky to work alongside teams of vets who specialise in Internal Medicine, Emergency and Critical Care, Anaesthesia and Surgery. With access to state-of-the-art facilities, including Doppler and three-dimensional echocardiography and a minimally invasive surgery suite to diagnose and treat congenital heart disease, our hospital can see cardiac emergencies 24/7, which is unique for this region. The Cardiology team see initial referrals from primary vets in practice, as well as tertiary referrals from other Cardiologists in the South of the UK. We also provide a heavily subsidised breed screening service to dog and cat breeders, to look for inherited heart disease in pedigree animals, in addition to a specific mitral valve clinic, for dogs considered by their vets to be likely to have mitral valve disease.

Our team are actively involved in clinical research into a wide spectrum of cardiac diseases, to help vets better understand heart disease and thereby be able to provide better treatments for their patients. Our Specialists in Cardiology are experienced in cross-species Cardiology, offering support to the Equine, Farm and Exotic animal services for animals with heart disease that they see in their clinics. We also work closely with the soft tissue surgery department at the vet school, and Bristol Children’s Hospital, to collaborate on advanced cardiac surgery in dogs.

The cardiology team also works alongside members of the Interventional Radiology team.



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