Puppy Training

Puppy Training

Pawsitive Pups 

Pawsitive Pups Pre-School

Pawsitive Pups Pre-School is designed and run by our nursing team, to provide educational classes for our clients on all puppy care whilst also giving puppies the opportunity for some early socialisation in a controlled environment.

The Pre-School course consists of three consecutive classes which are run in the SAP teaching room, reception area and the puppy paddock. The classes are kept small to create a relaxed, informal atmosphere. Call or visit us to enquire further and book your puppy on to the next course now!

Puppies are most responsive to new experiences before they develop their fear response at around 12 weeks of age. After 12 weeks old, pups are more likely to meet new experiences with fear; therefore, early socialisation prior to this age is of paramount importance to prevent pups from developing fear related.

Admittance criteria:

  • Pup must be under 12 weeks of age and have had their first
  • Pup must be in good health (no diarrhoea or vomiting etc).
  • Pup must have a suitable collar/harness AND a lead.

Call us now to book your puppy in for Pawsitive Pre-School on 01934 852 422!

Pawsitive Pups Pre-School Price £33.50

Puppy training school

Pawsitive Pups Training School is run by our trainer Alex Mason and is designed to seamlessly follow on from the learning provided at Pre-School. It is specifically
devised to enhance owners’ puppy training skills whilst providing knowledgeable support for owners with any ‘teething’ problems with their new family member!
Call or visit us in reception to enquire further and to book your puppy on to the next course now!

The training school course consists of five consecutive classes (the first of which will be without your puppy) which continue to provide pups with a positive, fun experience in the practice and is key to their enduring good social development.
We focus on informally educating clients on the benefits and methods of positive reward training including basic obedience, manners and problem solving.

Admittance criteria:

  • Pup must be between 12 and 23 weeks of age.
  • Pup must be in good health (no diarrhoea or vomiting etc).
  • Pup must have a suitable collar/harness AND a lead.

Call us now to book your puppy in for Pawsitive Training School on 01934 852 422!

Pawsitive Pups Training School Price £60.00


Our Trainer - Alex Mason

I started dog training over 15 years ago, when I got my first rescue Westie, Charlie, since then I have had a mixture of puppies and rescue dogs, each bringing their own characters and challenges, to help me learn and grow my knowledge.

I have competed in obedience, agility, rally and also enjoy gun dog and heelwork to music training. I currently have 3 Golden Retrievers, a Yorkshire terrier and the newest member of the family is a black Labrador.

I am an APDT trainer and love teaching puppy classes. Each puppy is an individual and it’s lovely to teach them new things, and watch a partnership grow with their owner and building a bond. Puppies are great students they love to learn and the progression over the training course is amazing to see.

I am also Pets as Therapy (PAT) assessor for the local area. I visit local schools and nursing homes with my PAT dogs on a regular basis; children love to settle with the dogs, learning the correct way to behave around dogs, telling them about their day and also reading to them, it’s both beneficial and rewarding.

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