Nurse Clinics

Nurse Clinics

Nurse Clinics

We provide free of charge Nurse Clinics to ensure you have help and support with all aspects of your pet's care, from weight loss advice to tooth brushing!

Our nurses also provide simple procedures such as nail clipping, microchipping and bandage checks at a reduced rate to that of the vet.

Our nurses are available Monday to Friday 10am-12pm or 2-5pm. Give us a call to book your appointment on 01934 852422.

Our available clinics include:


Check the progress of your puppy or kitten at nine months and discuss and issues you may want to clarify such as weight, feeding and neutering.

In an ideal world we should brush our pet's teeth daily just like our own to ensure they avoid dental disease in later life. This is because thanks to advances in pet healthcare our pets our living much longer than Mother Nature intended, so their teeth need to keep up too.

If the thought of brushing your pet's teeth fills you with dread, book in for a free of charge Nurse Clinic to discuss your options. If your pet is not suited to tooth brushing, our nurses can talk you through other options to ensure they keep their Hollywood smile!

Our mature pet clinics allow our nurses to meet with you and discuss your pet's lifestyle and monitor parameters like their weight and blood pressure.

These are offered after any surgical procedure free of charge. The nurse will ensure your pet is healing well, and answer any concerns you may have about wound care or medication. 

These checks are particularly important after neutering to monitor your pets weight. Around this time the changes in your pet's metabolism may mean they need a slightly reduced level of food. Picking this up early means any potential weight gain problem can be resolved in the early stages.

Keep track every month of your pets’ weight and allow for accurate worming in the first and important stages of their growth.

Our nurses will draw up a tailor made exercise and weight loss programme to suit your pet and their lifestyle. This will enable weight loss at a steady pace, while making sure your pet feels full and content. They will want to meet up regularly to ensure you feel supported along the way.

How do I tell if my pet is overweight?

Pets that are more than 25% above their ideal body weight are classed as obese and this can cause other health problems as well. Your pet should nip in at the waist when you look at them from above and you should be able to
feel the ribs, but not see them. Our nurses can help you assess your pet’s condition and bodyweight if you are unsure.

Do you find it hard to get your pet to lose weight?

Obesity is a vicious circle because once a pet is overweight they are less active, making it harder to lose weight.
That’s why we are here to help as we launch our Slim4Life Programme, to help you help your pet lose weight. During our Free Nurse Clinics we can advise you on the best diet, lifestyle and exercise programme, taking into account the individual needs of your pet.

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