Latest Cardiology Research - Now Open Access

Latest Cardiology Research - Now Open Access
04 May 2020
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Anomalous Left Atrial Drainage of the Vena Cava in an Adult French Bulldog

Rosie the French Bulldog was diagnosed with a very unusual congenital cardiac defect (never seen before in veterinary medicine) that had surgery at Langford Vets (a collaboration of Guillaume Chanoit from our Soft Tissue Surgery team and Massimo Caputo, a human surgeon from the Bristol Children's Hospital).

The paper is currently open access, read it here

We are proud to say this is the first veterinary article in this publication!

Long‐term biological variability and the generation of a new reference interval for plasma N‐terminal pro‐B‐type natriuretic peptide in Labrador retrievers

The Langford Vets Cardiology Team have worked as part of a multi-centre collaboration (Langford Vets, HeartVets, Royal Veterinary College and Lumbry Park alongside MARS PetCare Ltd) to investigate methods for identifying markers of potential heart disease in Labradors.

The paper shows that Labradors have a much higher normal range of NT-proBNP (a blood test routinely used by lots of vets in first opinion practice to screen for heart disease) compared to other dogs. We propose a new reference interval for Labradors and show that our new reference interval is better at identifying possible heart disease in Labradors than the standard reference interval. The new reference interval for this test should improve vets’ accuracy at detecting early heart disease in Labradors, ultimately improving breed health on a global scale.

The paper is currently open access, read it here: