What if my pet needs to be hospitalised?

What if my pet needs to be hospitalised?


If your pet requires any investigations they are likely to stay with us in the hospital overnight, or possibly longer.

This will be discussed fully during your consultation.


We know it as worrying when your pet is hospitalised and will contact you by phone daily whilst your pet is with us, so that you are kept up to date with their health and progress. We will get in touch once we have made them comfortable, administered medications and carried out any necessary procedures, so please be patient. These calls may be at any time up until 11am.



We do our best to enable owners to visit their pets whilst hospitalised, but this is arranged with your pet’s best interests in mind, so in some situations this is not appropriate.

If you wish to visit, please discuss this with the vets and nursing team who contact you with updates, so we can arrange a convenient time (our wards have visiting times, which are generally in the afternoon). We actively encourage visits if your pet is anxious or refusing to eat or if they are staying with us for a while.

In some cases where animals become very anxious when their owners leave and the distress may affect their recovery, we may suggest that visits are limited or, in extreme cases you do not visit at all.

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