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Small Animal Referral Hospital Brachycephalic Clinic


Brachycephalic Clinic

Brachycephalic dogs are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Unfortunately, they suffer from a variety of problems, the most common being Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS). The Soft Tissue Surgery service at Langford Vets are pleased to be able to offer a dedicated brachycephalic clinic.  

If a decision is made that corrective airway surgery is required, the dog will benefit from our large and experienced team of RCVS and European Specialist surgeons alongside staff clinicians and residents who are well supported by a dedicated team of interns, nurses and animal care assistants. The perioperative management of BOAS dogs comes with a unique set of challenges which benefit from the multi-disciplinary care of our specialists in anaesthesia and emergency and critical care. Our state of the art intensive care unit ensures these animals can be continuously monitored for post-operative problems during the recovery period. They really will be in the best place possible should any complications be encountered. 

Pet owners need to be referred by their primary care vet

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