Radioactive Iodine

Radioactive Iodine

Radioactive Iodine

The Feline Centre is one of only 14 clinics in the UK that is able to treat hyperthyroid cats with radioactive iodine.

Why are we different?

  • We have over 15 years of experience of providing this treatment and are passionate about treating our hyperthyroid patients
  • We can flexibly adjust the dose of radioiodine exactly to your cat’s own requirements; we use variable dosing from standard through to very high dose therapy (for thyroid carcinoma)
  • We have pioneered the use of high dose therapy for cats with thyroid carcinoma in the UK
  • Our Feline Centre is run by RCVS Feline Medicine Specialists, who work closely with our large team of Specialists including imaging and cardiology
  • This allows us to assess your cat holistically, to provide the very best recommendations for your cat and its thyroid disease, taking into account that hyperthyroid cats are often older cats with concurrent diseases
  • We have a 'Cat Friendly' approach to working with cats (International Cat Care practice standard) and are a gold standard Cat Friendly Clinic
  • We have cattery style accommodation in our radioiodine ward with webcams, radios and even a television in the ward area to make your cat’s stay as comfortable as possible
  • We can perform scintigraphy. 

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