The main aim of physiotherapy is to maximise your pet’s movement and function. A wide range of patients may benefit from physiotherapy treatment including those recovering from Orthopaedic or Neurological surgery or those suffering from an injury or a long-term condition. Our team treat patients in the Small Animal Hospital who are recovering from surgery as well as patients who come to our outpatient clinics.

Your first appointment will last approximately 1-1.5 hours and involve a detailed history taking and a thorough physical assessment of your pet including their movement. Based on the assessment a tailored treatment programme will be devised which may include some or all the following: manual treatment (e.g. massage etc), a home exercise programme, advice on home adaptations and activity management and provision of assistive equipment (e.g. harness, splints etc). Your pet’s progress will be closely monitored over the course of their treatment programme. The number of visits will depend on your pet’s condition and how they respond to treatment. This will be discussed in more detail at your first visit.

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