We have over 20 years of experience of treating hyperthyroid cats with radioactive iodine and use a variable dosing scheme to optimise the outcome for your cat. We are one of only two clinics in the UK that can treat cats with thyroid carcinoma with high dose radioactive iodine. We publish our research about hyperthyroidism and radioactive iodine treatment. We have also given lectures worldwide to owners and vets about feline hyperthyroidism. We are passionate about providing the highest level of care to you and your hyperthyroid cat.

Imaging of a cystic thyroid gland

The image shows a cat with a cystic thyroid gland.

For further information on radioactive iodine treatment please see:

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Merlin the cat was treated for hyperthyroidism by our Feline Centre and his owner has written a testimonial to help other owners understand the process by explaining what Merlin went through and what the experience was like.

Click here to read the Client Testimonial.

Hyperthyroid Assessment and Treatment £3000

- Assessment visit includes initial consultation, 2 days hospitalisation, diagnostic imaging and bloods.

- Treatment visit includes admit consult, 2-3 days hospitalisation before treatment, diagnostics, bloods, sedation, iodine treatment and subsequent 2 weeks hospitalisation.


Hyperthyroid Carcinoma Treatment Package (4 weeks hospitalisation) £3750, 

- Assessment visit includes initial consultation, 2 days hospitalisation, diagnostic imaging and bloods.

- Carcinoma treatment visit includes admit consult, 4 weeks hospitalisation, iodine treatment, additional diagnostics and bloods.


Hyperthyroid Additional Week Hospitalisation (standard and carcinoma) £250

- 1 weeks additional hospitalisation and specific radioactive iodine tests.

Hyperthyroid Study Revisits (6 and 12 months) free of charge

- admit, echo and blood pressure


All prices include VAT and correct as at 31/12/20, these are indicative and subject to change

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