Behaviour services and length of consultation

Behaviour services and length of consultation
  • Canine behaviour problems: For most canine behaviour problems including fear and anxiety, noise phobias, repetitive and compulsive disorders and aggression, a consultation will generally last two hours or longer but some problems such as house-soiling or unruly may require 90 minutes.  
  • Feline behaviour problems: For most common behaviour problems of cats including house-soiling, urine marking, fearful behaviour (avoidance), eating disorders (such as excessive sucking or chewing) and repetitive or compulsive behaviours, the consultation will generally require approximately 90 to 120 minutes, with some aggression cases requiring longer time.
  • New Introductions: Bringing home a new baby, introducing pets to other pets, moving, bringing a new pet into your home with existing pets or integrating households, a consultation of approximately 30 to 60 minutes will help you with the transition and help you to prevent or prepare for potential problems. We offer a reduced cost for these consultations.
  • New pet consultations: If you are obtaining a puppy or kitten or are a first time pet owner, we offer a ‘new pet’ consultation of approximately 30 to 60 minutes to provide you with behavioural guidance on problem prevention, setting up to succeed, reward based training and how to deal with emerging problems such as house-soiling, destruction, stealing and play biting. We offer a reduced fee for these consultations.
  • Canine selection consultations: If are considering obtaining a new dog, we offer a 30-60 minute selection consultation to help you choose a pet that is appropriate for your needs (breed, age, sex, source) as well as advice on preventing and dealing with common behaviour problems. We ask that you narrow your choice to up to five breeds before the visit. We offer a reduced fee for these consultations.
  • Unruly behaviours and emerging problems: If you have a recently adopted pet that is difficult to control, hard to train or has some recently developed problems such as house-soiling, chewing, digging, scratching, stool eating, barking or garbage raiding, these consultations will generally require about 60 minutes and have reduced fee.
  • Clinical trials: We often serve as a site for clinical trials for a variety of drugs or products that might be useful aids in treating behaviour problems. During your visit you may be offered the opportunity to participate in a drug or product study, which would be supplied at no additional charge.
  • Legal consult/expert opinion.

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