Overall we feel that the benefits of neutering for pet dogs and cats outweigh the risks.


Unless you are planning to breed or mate your dog we would recommend this relatively simple surgical procedure to be done at around the age of six months old. This will prevent unwanted pregnancy and other health issues in both male and female dogs.

If you are considering whether to breed from your dog, please come and speak to us to discuss the health issues and make sure that the decision is right for you. Many new puppy owners like the idea of having one or two litters of puppies but the reality can be very different from the imagination. Having a litter of puppies from your bitch can be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience, however, if you do decide that you would like to breed from your dog please consider how you will find homes for the puppies. Dog rescue and re homing charities are inundated with dogs that need homes so please make sure you will be able to find suitable homes for your puppies.


Many owners incorrectly believe that cats should have one litter before being neutered. Another common myth is that they won't mate with their siblings. 

One unneutered  female cat can be responsible for up to 20,000 kittens in just five years. Clearly with with approximately one million unneutered cats in the country, this poses a major animal welfare problem if left unchecked. 

Cats should normally be neutered at four months old, before they reach puberty and are able to have kittens. not only will neutering prevent unwanted litters, it reduces your cat's risk of contracting potentially deadly illnesses such as FIV, the cat equivalent of HIV. 

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