Home Visits

Home Visits

Home Visits

We are happy to discuss the option of a house visit for your veterinary needs. You may want to consider a house visit if your pet is particularly sensitive to travelling or visiting the vet, alternatively some owners would like to have end of life appointments in the pet’s home. We will always consider requests for house visits and are most likely to be able to provide a house visit if we have several days notice so we can plan sufficient time to provide the service you expect.

In an emergency, the best and most efficient care for your animal will always be achieved at the practice where all of the diagnostic/treatment facilities and the whole team are available.

In order to plan for emergencies we recommend that you consider how you might be able to transport your pet to the clinic if for example your dog cannot walk; do you have friends or neighbours who could help lift your pet or provide transport? Do you know the number of an animal taxi if you are not able to drive?

Please phone reception on 01934 852422 to discuss your requirements.


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