Telephone Consultation Success Story - Muffin

Telephone Consultation Success Story - Muffin
01 May 2020
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Since the lockdown we this we have see a slightly different pattern of the usual emergencies seen at the clinic. We seem to have seen an increase in the number of eye cases and cat bite injuries. This may reflect peoples changing daily routines. We have seen several dogs and a few cats with urgent eye cases.

Unfortunately it is difficult to assess eyes comprehensively by remote consultation. In order to rule out serious eye injury we need to examine the eyes closely and often use special diagnostic eye drops. We are always very pleased when these tests are negative and the condition turns out to be a minor problem only.

Last week we examined, Muffin a cat with a sore eye, which turned out to have a deep injury to the surface of the eye (the cornea). We presume this may have been caused during a cat fight. Fortunately due to the rapid attention by our team and the owner rigorously following our treatment plan, we are very hopeful that the eye will heal well with minimal or no lasting effects.

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