Pet Hero: Misty

Pet Hero: Misty
14 May 2019
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This month’s Pet Hero is Misty

Misty is in a small group of our patients not falling into the category of cat or dog! She’s a very sweet ‘Call Duck’, a domesticated duck with a rather loud quack! These big characters in little bodies were traditionally used by hunters to encourage wild ducks towards traps or hunters using their distinctive call. They are now more commonly kept as pets due to their tame nature and petite stature.

Misty was adopted alongside her two sisters, Crystal and Maple and joined the existing flock in their large, hand-built enclosure. They were delighted to find that their new home had all the desired amenities; a swimming pool, custom duck house, tasty lawn for nibbles and plenty of space to exercise their wings. Misty found herself partial to a dandelion & pea snack floating in the pool.

Misty tried her wing at parenthood, building herself a cosy nest for her eggs. She shared incubating responsibilities with Crystal and they proudly hatched 11 fluffy healthy little ducklings!! Misty was a great Mother, nurturing her ducklings until they flew the nest to their new homes and life settled back to normal.

Misty and her sisterOne day, Misty’s owner noticed that she looked a little lopsided and didn’t seem to be able to see properly out of her right eye – poor Misty kept falling off the ramp leading to the duck house, misjudging the edge. Misty’s owner booked an appointment and brought her in to see us along with her sister (for moral support).

After being examined by our exotics vet, Colin, it was found that Misty had suffered a severe poke in the eye (probably from one of the other naughty ducks) causing an ulcer. She was prescribed antibiotic eye drops, some pain relief and allowed home for some TLC in the hope that she would recover her sight. Over the next week we were pleased to hear that Misty’s eye was improving. The ulcer appeared to be shrinking and Misty began to regain her balance on the ramp.

Sadly, this progress was short lived as, suddenly, Misty’s eye took a turn for the worse. On examination our vets found that poor Misty’s ulcer had perforated! After considering options for treatment it was decided that it would be best to remove her eye completely and she was booked in for the procedure.

Misty after surgeryMisty was hospitalised and underwent surgery. After a night indoors with her owner at home she returned to swimming, just one day later! Dosed with pain relief and antibiotics to stave off any infection, Misty went from strength to strength and has now been pronounced completely healed! 

We were delighted to meet Misty especially as we don’t get many Call Ducks in through the practice! We were glad to be able to help her and pleased that she’s had such a wonderful result. Misty’s story shows that accidents can happen, and it is important for us to remain vigilant to any injuries that may be sustained by our pets and to seek appropriate treatment.