Pet Hero: Chip Ugoji

Pet Hero: Chip Ugoji
14 December 2018
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Chip is a mischievous 2-year-old Jack Russell Terrier X who was rushed into the Small Animal Practice as an emergency by his owner after falling victim to a freak accident where he was trampled by a horse. The horse in question had recently been rescued by the family from an abused life where he was regularly traumatised by dogs and children.

Chip has been part of the Ugoji family since puppyhood, enjoying time growing up with his furry brothers and sisters playing out in the horse yard. Chip has always been a very independent and confident little dog and loves the outdoors, he is known to be particularly fond of a game of chase with his siblings! His owner describes him as being the biggest ‘tease’ of the four-legged family pack, purposely trying to wind the others up by any means possible, stealing their toys and nipping their paws for reactions which, once given, he receives with great delight! When not trying his hardest to vex his siblings, one of his all-time favourite hobbies is pretending to be a little Lord, gleefully being chauffeured around the yard in a wheelbarrow!

On the day of the accident, Chip was out enjoying himself sniffing around the yard with his owners when the horses were accidentally released. Poor Chip was immediately set upon by the frightened horse who, in the wake of his traumatic past, succumbed to the ‘fight or flight’ instinct and decided to stand his ground and utilise his hooves.

Sporting a ‘floppy’ paw like a wounded hero, Chip was immediately attended to on arrival in the Practice, anaesthetised and sent for urgent x-rays. It was quickly discovered that he had dislocated his elbow and that this would need crucial readjustment to fix. A plan was made between Chip’s owner and the vet that Chip’s elbow would be realigned in theatre and then splinted thereafter for a period of 4-6weeks to allow for adequate healing. Chip’s splint needed redressing every week which he bravely endured with the help of a light sedation.

Two weeks after his accident, brave little Chip was discharged and allowed back home with his family on strict instructions for pure crate rest and tons of TLC! Three weeks later, much to his delight after three more dressing changes, Chip finally had his splint and bandaging removed completely!! He is still currently on a rehabilitation total crate rest instruction for two more weeks and then will start to attend gentle physiotherapy sessions to slowly build his strength and movement range back up!


Chip was very lucky to have escaped this unusual Jack Russell Terrier vs. horse encounter with only a dislocated elbow, it could’ve been a lot worse for him and his family. Although this type of accident is rare, it is important to be aware of the potential dangers posed to our pets when in the company of other animals. Animals are renowned as being unpredictable at the best of times, so always make sure that due care is taken when necessary and precautions are in place when socialising with your fur babies!