Routine surgery has always represented a normal part of our work at the Stables Equine Practice, be it treating wounds and injuries or undertaking routine elective procedures.

The most common elective surgery we perform is the castration of colts. The vast majority of these we perform under sedation and using local anaesthesia. Mostly these are carried out on the home premises and require minimal facilities, a clean bed, hot water, clean buckets and access to clean turnout. If a “closed” castration is required it is performed under general anaesthesia.

It’s always been accepted that as equine vets we will anaesthetise horses “in the field” but obviously this not only carries with it risks, inducing anaesthesia and recovery but is very weather dependent.

Our fully padded “knock-down box” is perfect for routine surgical procedures that require general anaesthetic, ensuring a controlled induction of anaesthesia and safe recovery, at a time that suits everyone and isn’t weather dependent.

Other surgical procedures commonly performed under anaesthesia are;

  • Hernia repairs
  • Neurectomies (denerving)
  • Severe wound treatment/ closure.
  • Lump removals (many removed under local anaesthesia)

Our independence allows us to use the best surgeons and medicine experts for the best results

Since building the Conkerfield Clinic in 2014 we have been able to embrace the opportunity to invite peripatetic surgeons and medicine specialists to examine or treat our patients close to home rather than having to travel for hours.

Among the procedures offered;

  • Minimally invasive surgery for impinging dorsal spinal processes. (Kissing spine surgery)
  • “Wind ops” Hobdays, tie-backs
  • Soft pallet surgery
  • Liver scanning & Biopsy
  • Overground endoscopy

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