Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases are an ever present part of our work, both treating them and trying to prevent them.

Infectious diseases are responsible for loss of performance, illness and death in our horses. Our experienced vets can help prevent, diagnose and treat infections in your horse.

Some diseases are so serious that our main strategy is one of prevention. Equine influenza tetanus and strangles fall into this category. Our control strategy for flu and tetanus is vaccination, and is a successful strategy particularly when the whole population is vaccinated. Strangles whilst being more wide spread than is generally thought, may be prevented on a yard by effective screening of new horses entering premises or treated by a coordinated strategy in the face of an outbreak. The Stables Equine Practice is experienced in managing both prevention and treatment and we would be pleased to visit and discuss in, details, measures that would be appropriate for your situation.

Breeding mares and stallions have their own range of potential infections, which require testing for and treating. We are always happy to discuss your specific requirements or what regulations apply.

Infectious disease of specific organ systems can need the use of specialised equipment such as endoscopes for examining airways, guarded swabs and biopsy instruments for obtaining samples for culture or examination. The vets at The Stables Equine Practice are all well versed in the use of such equipment in expediting the resolution of such disease.


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