AI and Breeding

AI and Breeding

Pre-breeding to post foaling, Stables Equine Practice is there with all the advice and professional care for you and your mare.

These services can be provided on an ad-hoc pro-rata basis or through one of our fixed price breeding packages.


Before a mare (and stallions)can go to stud she needs to be screened for the common breeding related infectious diseases. This involves taking the appropriate bacteriology swabs, and blood for serology to check for viruses. We submit these to accredited labs so results are certificated so the studs will accept them.

With modern ultrasound scanners we monitor the cycling activity of your mare in order to inseminate her or send her to be covered at the optimum time. We may need to manipulate her cycle using drugs.

After covering we can scan to ensure that she has ovulated and then between 13 and 20 days scan for a pregnancy.

Most of these examinations can be carried out at home in the stable, usually without resort to twitching or sedation. Artificial insemination using frozen semen requires precise timing of insemination and whilst it is possible to do this at home, admitting the mare at the clinic over the oestrus period ensures the most opportune timing.

Pregnancy Care

We can advise on care of the in foal mare, regarding routine health monitoring, vaccination programs, worming and nutritional care.

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