Portable Endoscopy

Portable Endoscopy

Persistent coughs, nasal discharge, respiratory noise, loss of performance, are all common issues we are asked to investigate.

An essential part of investigation of airway disease is the ability to actually look into the respiratory tract. Endoscopy can bring more to the table than purely allowing visualisation. Tissue and fluid samples can be obtained via the biopsy channel of the endoscope and foreign bodies can be grasped and retrieved/removed using the endoscope.

We have several endoscopes including videoscopes, which come in various lengths and diameters allowing us to see deep into the chest of large horses or to look into fine spaces in small ponies. We have mobile light sources for use out on the road, so our only requirements for carrying out an endoscopic examination are adequate restraint (sedation isn’t always needed) and a sheltered location.

Our video endoscopic examinations are usually carried out in our clinic.

Overground Endoscopy

A recent innovation and useful addition to our armoury in investigating poor respiratory function is overground endoscopy, a technique where a rigid endoscope is attached to the bridle and transmits real time images of the larynx as the horse is put through its paces. We can carry out this procedure at our Conkerfield Clinic.


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