Lameness Investigation

Lameness Investigation

Stables Equine Practice, Conkerfield Clinic, is ideally suited to assess and investigate even subtle lameness, with a unique lameness evaluation area and state of the art diagnostic imaging equipment.

A large proportion of the horses we examine at Stables Equine Practice, are seen for lameness investigation.

Naturally many of these investigations can be conducted at home, but often the requisite facilities; a hard flat surface to trot up on, a lunge area, are not available. Tim and Nicko put a great deal of thought into the design of the lameness investigation facilities at Conkerfield clinic which are uniquely suited to the job. The trot up lane, hard and soft lunge areas/arena, allow the lame horse to be observed critically in all gaits on consistent surfaces, including free schooling. Perineural anaesthesia (nerve blocking) to localise the site of lameness, can be carried out in a well lit clean environment, and and any diagnostic imaging, X-rays and ultrasound, can be undertaken to complete the process.

Owner trots with horse on a hard surface


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