Digital X-ray

Digital X-ray

The Stables Equine Practice has the most advanced X-ray kit available.

Although some practices still use film x-rays, we at Stables Equine Practice have progressed through several generations of digital radiography and now have wireless Direct Radiography. Not only is image quality an order of magnitude better than the best film x-rays but the instant acquisition of images allows better positioning and more rapid diagnosis. Increased sensitivity of equipment means lower X-ray exposures and the ability to image larger sections of the body. As with most advanced technology decreasing size also means increased mobility of equipment, which means we can take the highest quality radiographs at your yard.

Digital radiographs can be manipulated for improved clarity, emailed for second opinion, or sent to farriers and other para professionals to aid in formulating optimum treatment regimes.

Radiography has come a long way in the last 10-15 years.

digital x-ray


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