Webinar Videos

Webinar Videos

Pet Pig Healthcare Part 1: Preventative Healthcare for your Pet Pig - To purchase this recording for £13 please give the practice a call on 01934 852 650.

Failing to plan is planning to fail as the saying goes and this applies as much to the health care of your pet pigs as anything else. In this evening webinar vets Andrea Turner (Langford Vets) and Claire Scott (Bristol Vet School) will be discussing parasite control (internal and external), vaccines and routine management, as well as the practicalities around these important topics.

Here you will find the video recordings of our free virtual client meetings held over Zoom.

Prepare to Lamb - Jan 2022 

Alpaca Bites 2: Nutrition including Vitamin D and Pregnancy - Jan 2022

Alpaca Bites 3: Preparing to Unpack - April 2022

Flystrike Prevention - Apr 2022

TB in Cattle Prevention and Update - May 2022


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