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Adult black and white pig lying down in straw with her piglets nestled into her

Farm Animal Practice Pet Pig Healthcare Details


Pet Pig Healthcare Details

To purchase these Pet Pig Healthcare recordings please give the practice a call on 01934 852 650, for £13 each or £35 for all three.

Pet Pig Healthcare Part 2: Nutritional Management of Pet Pigs

This session is kindly sponsored by The Smallholder Range

In this webinar vets Andrea and Claire will be discussing how to meet the nutritional needs of your pet pig, avoid diet-related diseases and tailor your pigs diet to their energy needs. 

Pet Pig Healthcare Part 3: Making the Most of Your Vet

Pigs are clever and social animals, which means they are immediately suspicious when the vet turns up! In this evening webinar vets Andrea and Claire will be discussing how to recognize the signs and symptoms that might necessitate a vet visit and how to prepare for a vet visit so that you can make the most of them at your pet pig’s time of need.

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