Veterinary Nursing Graduate has Knowledge Summary Published

Veterinary Nursing Graduate has Knowledge Summary Published
17 August 2020
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Ploy BorisootLangford Vets Veterinary Nursing Graduate, Ploy (MullikaBorisoot, has had her knowledge summary published in Veterinary Evidence, an online, open access peer reviewed journal. This is a significant amount of work and contributes to progressing veterinary evidence-based medicine. 

Ploy says “There has been an exponential rise in the popularity of brachycephalic breeding and as a result, we often see cases which require veterinary intervention, or in extreme cases, emergency caesarean sections. As part of the Nursing Graduate Programme and having taken part in Langford Vets’ out of hours service, I explored the evidence of elective caesarean sections in the form of a Knowledge Summary for Veterinary Evidence and whether this practice can increase puppy survival rates 

It’s a great achievement to have veterinary nursing contributions to the veterinary profession in this way and one of the reasons we established the Nursing Graduate Programme in the first place. 

The Veterinary Nursing Graduate Programme started in August 2017 and have successfully welcome three cohorts onto this scheme, many of whom have moved into permanent nursing roles within Langford Vets. Its purpose is to provide a supportive stepping-stone into referral nursing for our University of Bristol Veterinary Nursing Graduates. As part of the programme, we also develop their skills in clinical governance and evidence-based medicine, to instil the value of 'reflective and enquiring thinking' into their professional careers. Our Head Theatre Nurse, Alison Mann, coaches and supervises our graduates through the knowledge summary process. We are extremely proud of Ploy and her contribution to evidence-based veterinary nursing. 

Read Ploy’s Knowledge Summary