Recording of 'Conditions of the Young Dog' Virtual Fundraiser in Support of Ukraine

Recording of 'Conditions of the Young Dog' Virtual Fundraiser in Support of Ukraine
08 April 2022
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On 31st March 2022 our Small Animal Referral Hospital Specialists held a free evening session on 'Conditions of the Young Dog' as a fundraiser for The BEARR Trust in support of Ukraine. This raised £265 which will be matched by Langford Vets for a total of £530.  Please donate if you can at:

- Are you are new(ish) dog owner who would love to know more about conditions we see in the first few years of your dog's life?​
- Have you ever wondered what happens at a Specialist Referral Veterinary Hospital?​
- Would you like to expand your dog knowledge?​
Our team of Specialist vets are giving an evening talk on conditions they see commonly in young dogs and how they are treated at Langford Vets, with an aim of sharing knowledge and experience whilst fundraising for a worthy cause.​

We cover heart conditions, medical diseases, emergency presentations, and an insight into anaesthesia in dogs!​

This evening is free of charge, but we are encouraging donations to our fund raiser for The BEARR Trust to help those affected by the crisis in Ukraine. Langford Vets are raising funds to support The BEARR Trust, who are working to provide urgent humanitarian aid for vulnerable Ukrainian people. Funds will go to local NGOs in Ukraine & Moldova who are already BEARR's partners, to improve the health and social welfare of vulnerable people. They will be able to use it quickly to provide food, shelter, clothing, medicine & specialised transport for vulnerable people in Ukraine or now refugees in Moldova. Every penny you donate will be passed on as quickly as possible. The BEARR Trust will pay all administrative costs. More information about the BEARR Trust: Appeal update 14 March - The BEARR Trust​

Please donate using our GoFundMe page.