Nelly's liver investigation with Internal Medicine - Case Study

Nelly's liver investigation with Internal Medicine - Case Study
13 October 2021
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Nelly is a 2-year-old Bedlington Terrier referred to the internal medicine service at Langford Small Animal Hospital for further investigation of a liver problem. Liver disease is not uncommon in this breed, and there were concerns that this could be a hereditary problem.

Dr Emi Barker, one of the Small Animal Medicine specialists, initially reviewed Nelly’s clinical notes and spoke with her owners to discuss how best to approach her case, the likely costs of this investigation, and the possible outcome. Using the plan discussed, Nelly was admitted to the Small Animal Hospital the following day for further investigation, which included blood analysis, specialist abdominal imaging, and ultrasound-guided liver biopsy (a minimally-invasive way of collecting liver samples) for specialist analysis. Nelly went home the following day pending results.

Luckily, the liver biopsy showed that Nelly did not have breed-associated hepatitis, and most likely was having an uncommon adverse reaction to the topical medication she had been prescribed for her itchy ears. In conjunction with remote veterinary dermatology specialists a treatment plan was formulated. We are pleased that and Nelly is currently doing much better.