Coronavirus - Small Animal Referral Hospital Service Update

Coronavirus - Small Animal Referral Hospital Service Update
07 February 2022
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Coronavirus - Small Animal Hospital Service Update

Update 7th February 2022

From 27th January UK government advice states that there is no longer a legal requirement to wear a face covering. However, people are still advised to wear masks in crowded and indoor spaces where they may come into contact with people they do not normally meet.

Based on this advice, we are continuing to ask our clients and staff to wear a facemask (unless exempt).

We thank you for keeping our staff safe and enabling them to provide the best possible care for your pets.

Update 19th July 2021

Although the government has announced plans to ease restrictions on face masks and social distancing with effect from the 19th July, Langford Vets have taken the decision to keep some measures in place for the time being. We therefore will be continuing to ask clients and staff to wear facemasks when inside Langford Vets buildings and we will continue to restrict the number of staff and clients in our consult rooms and waiting rooms and where appropriate to offer telemedicine consultations in many cases and use outside collection and drop off in some cases. Our staff will continue to be using social distancing measures where possible.

This decision has not been taken lightly but we feel this remains the most prudent course of action. Keeping these measures in place will allow us to treat your pets effectively, whilst protecting the safety of our clients, staff and students and also minimising the risk of staff absence.

Here is a reminder of our arrival process:   

  • When arriving on site please use parking bays 1-20 located outside the Small Animal Hospital.
  • Take a note of your bay number, then make your way to the outside of reception, please ensure you have your face mask with you unless you are exempt from wearing one. Where possible please leave your pet in the car. 
  • When you are at the entrance, please wait until the traffic light is green and then you can make your way to reception desk where one of our friendly and helpful receptionists will be waiting to welcome you and check you in. 
  • If you need to arrange an insurance claim you will be directed into one of our admin bays, there you will find sanitised pens to complete your form, once you have completed your form, please make your way back to the front desk if no one is currently booking in. 
  • You will then be asked to exit reception following our one-way system and to return to wait in your car, the clinician will then come out to meet you at your car.  
  • If you are concerned that your pet needs urgent attention on arrival, please call us on 0117 394 0513 and someone will come out and check your pet straight away. 
  • To make your wait more comfortable the café is open between 9am and 2pm for takeaway drinks and snacks. 
  • We look forward to welcoming you to Langford Vets 


What do we do if we have a client with a hearing impairment?

If you have difficulty hearing us clearly please let us know. We can switch to a clear face shield if this enables lipreading. We will also happily provide written copies of notes as a printed copy or via e mail to aid any discussions. If you would like this then please let our reception team know.

Can I request an in-person consult?

Yes. It is possible to request an in-person consult. This may happen outside or using one of our consult rooms. In the case of the latter then there is a restriction on the number of clients that will be able to be in the consult room at any time unfortunately.

Can I request to be seen outdoors?

Because our consultations can be extended as a referral hospital, in may cases we will offer a video consultation first (or telephone consult if preferred). This allows a longer discussion of your pets case beforehand (and independent of the weather!). We can then arrange a shorter admit consult which can be performed outside.

Update 14th May 2021

In line with the easing of lockdown restrictions and following guidance from the BVA and RCVS, we will be opening our Small Animal Referral Hospital ground floor consult rooms from Monday 17th May to safely begin the transition to a more normal range of veterinary services.  Please continue to follow the arrival instructions below in our update from 12th March. A maximum of one client will be allowed to accompany their pet into the consult room.  We will be regularly reviewing and updating these protocols in line with legislative changes.

Update 12th March 2021

From Monday 15th March we will be re-opening our reception doors to allow a limited number of clients back into our reception area, in order to check in and arrange insurance claims.

Update 5th January 2021 - We’re still here for you.

After yesterday’s government update regarding a new national lockdown and a joint statement from the RCVS and BVA, we can continue to offer urgent and emergency care as well as those treatments considered to be essential, whilst awaiting further guidance in the coming days.

Our primary concerns are public health and animal health and welfare, and so to protect the public and our staff we will continue to offer telephone and video consultations where possible. For those animals needing to be hospitalised we have in place a well-established system for admitting patients whilst maintaining social distancing and will obtain history from owners over the phone.

If you are an owner who is concerned for the wellbeing of your pet, please contact your own vet who will be able to arrange referral or request advice from us as appropriate.

Update 4th November 2020

We have received an RCVS Guidelines update and can confirm that we are able to proceed with non-urgent casework from our referring vets as we already have the appropriate health measures in place, including the maintaining of social distancing and safe working practices. Please feel free to contact us with any cases now regarded as non-urgent so that we can look at scheduling appointments in at the earliest opportunity.

Update 2nd November 2020

Due to the government update and the coming lockdown we would like to reassure all our referring vets and clients that we will be open for emergency and urgent cases, and will be updating our protocols and scope of work as government and RCVS guidelines evolve.

If you are an owner who is concerned for the wellbeing of your pet please contact your own vet who will be able to arrange referral or request advice from us as appropriate.

Update 22nd October 2020

Advice for patients from Tier 3 and Local Lockdown areas

Langford Vets would like to assure our clients and referring vets that we will continue to offer emergency care to patients who need us, in line with current RCVS guidelines and by working strictly within our Covid security protocols.

• We will offer teleconsultations wherever possible as the first step, the exception will be emergency referrals

• During the teleconsult the consulting vet and owner will discuss the best plan of action for the individual patient and their circumstances

• Where a patient needs to attend Langford Vets physically the patient will be passed to a member of LV staff outside, communications will take place via telephone or video call to ensure minimal Covid risk for all parties

Update 30th September 2020

Following Government guidelines we now have a QR code on our front door and on the front desk screen in our Reception area. This can be scanned using the official Track and Trace app. We ask anyone who enters Reception or a consult room to do this, but if you do not have the app then you can speak to a receptionist on the front desk who will take details from you instead. This applies to all clients, visitors, and delivery drivers.

Update 18th June 2020 

We would like to thank all our referring vets and clients for their patience and understanding during the coronavirus pandemic. The situation is constantly evolving, and we are continuing to review our protocols and procedures, in line with the current government and RCVS guidelines. It is likely to be some time before we are back to ‘business as usual’, but we are pleased to announce that we are now able to accept more cases into the hospital. The safety of our staff and clients is very important and so we will continue to be following strict social distancing rules (which unfortunately means that clients will not be allowed into the hospital at present) and have stringent biosecurity measures in place.

All cases will continue to be assessed initially by teleconsultation (a telephone call in emergency cases). We will work with referring vets and owners to decide on the most appropriate treatment plan moving forwards from there, taking into account the animal’s condition, resources available and the current coronavirus restrictions.

Non-urgent referrals can be made using our online referral form; for emergency referrals please call us on 0117 394 0513 or 0117 394 0514.

Referring vets can also access our free of charge advice service using the online advice form

We are constantly reviewing our position as government guidance evolves. Slowing the spread of COVID-19 remains the top priority for everyone. We thank you for your understanding and assure you that we will continue to do our utmost to care for our patients, staff and our clients in a responsible and safe fashion.
To further assist the veterinary community we are offering a free trial of our enhanced advice service for vets, offering telemedicine support remotely for a limited time as we work to support our colleagues during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Measures to help us take care for your pet when arriving at Langford Vets Small Animal Hospital with a patient

  1. When you arrive in the car park please call to let us know that you have arrived and the number of your parking space - (reception will advise a number to call when you speak to them). Please inform us if you are concerned your pet is unstable.
  2. Please wait in your car for our clinician to telephone you to take a history.
  3. Your pet will then be collected from the car by a staff member and an examination will be carried out.
  4. We will call you back to discuss a plan; a consent form will then be brought out for you to sign.
  5. Where possible we will ask you to bring your own pen to sign documentation.
  6. Unfortunately we are unable to accept patient belongings, or to accommodate patient visits until further notice.

Our ways of working will be changing as government and RCVS guidance evolves so please ensure that the protocols suggested by our reception team are followed to ensure the safety of our team, our clients and our patients.