Case Study: Arthur's Urethral Obstruction

Case Study: Arthur's Urethral Obstruction
10 February 2020
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Arthur was referred by his primary veterinarian who suspected that he was unable to urinate because his urethra was blocked by a stone. Examination from the internal medicine team at Langford Vets Equine Hospital confirmed that he had a urethral obstruction and several stones in his bladder, which was very distended as Arthur was unable to urinate.

Arthur had surgery under general anaesthesia to open the bladder and remove the stones from inside it. A foley catheter was placed into the bladder and exited from the lower abdominal wall to allow Arthur to urinate through the catheter and not via his urethra.

He was treated with antibiotics, intravenous fluids, anti-inflammatory medication and pain relief to allow his urethra to recover from the inflammation associated from straining to urinate against the stone. Arthur managed to pass the stones in the urethra and started to urinate normally. He was chauffer driven home and was delighted to be reunited with his companions.

Urolithiasis causing urethral obstruction is relatively common in castrated male goats. The stones removed from Arthur’s bladder have been submitted for analysis. This will enable the internal medicine team to guide Arthur’s owners through the best management practices to avoid recurrence.

Arthur benefitted from the team work from the specialist anaesthesia, large animal surgery and medicine vets and we look forward to following his recovery.