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11 September 2023
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Case Study

Bonnie - Lumbar Spondylosis and Hip Dysplasia

Multi-focal lumbar spondylosis, bilateral hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis

Bonnie had a 1-year history of ‘slowing down’ and reluctance to exercise with signs of discomfort when walking or being stroked. Radiographs in 2022 revealed multi-focal lumbar spondylosis and bilateral hip dysplasia with osteoarthritis. This was managed by Meloxicam and Pardale-V which was prescribed by Bonnie’s referring Vets. Bonnie was referred to the pain clinic for conservative management.

Problem list

  • Overweight
  • Reduced exercise tolerance
  • Reluctance to jump
  • Allodynia to touch of thoracic and lumbar spine


  • Weight loss of 5% body weight per month (current weight is 10.55kg)
  • To tolerate light touch of lumbar spine with no pain response twitching 1 month
  • Return to 1.5-2mile daily walks within 3 months

Treatment Plan

  • Pain medication - Pardale-V increase frequency to every 8 hours, start Galliprant once daily.
  • Advice and education were given on weight loss,
    The owner was signposted to the Canine Arthritis Management website.
  • Bonnie was set a home exercise programme
  • Bonnie is to have regular physio appointments to address the soft tissue and myofascial tightness throughout her thoracic and lumbar spine
  • Bonnie is having a course of acupuncture for myofascial release and pain control


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